Sage PC Software - Services

Installation Services
Whilst the installation of Sage products is usually a straight forward process, we can provide installation and configuration services using our own dedicated installation department if you require help.  We can assist with a wide range of installation and configuration queries including network installations.
Sage Training
If you require Sage training there are several options available.  We can organise classroom based training with Sage at their own dedicated training centre, and we can often supply this at a better price than going to Sage direct.  Alternatively, if you prefer a more personal one to one approach, we can provide that either at your location or offsite with us.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Sage Support
Sage products currently come with 45 days free technical support direct with Sage.  After this you can either take out additional Sage Cover to continue this support of if you prefer, use us for technical support which would only be charged on an as used basis.
If you are considering upgrading your existing Sage software we can assist you, even if you did not originally purchase your package from us.
We can usually obtain upgrade prices cheaper than going direct to Sage.
For a quote please click on the link below to go to our upgrades section.
IT Services
We realise that, along with most clients IT is now crucial in our day-to-day work and that a stable and well maintained IT infrastructure is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, we have a dedicated in house IT department with the main purpose to ensure that the systems are maintained, updated, monitored and managed efficiently on a daily basis. Please see here for more information;

Accountancy Solutions
As part of Wise and Co Chartered Accountants we are well placed to offer a wide range of accounting solutions please see here for more information;

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