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Sage 50 Forecasting

Sage 50 Forecasting
Sage 50 Forecasting is the easy way to predict the effect of business decisions, also letting you create comprehensive financial forecasts for your business in these uncertain times.
Pre-installed formulae and simple entry combine to produce figures you can trust, meaning you'll have all the information you need to make critical business decisions with complete confidence

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Key Features
Create accurate reports and figures with pre-installed formulae you can trust.

Save hours creating professional reports: data can be taken directly from your Sage 50 Accounts or Microsoft® Excel packages.
Experiment with “What if?” business scenarios for a risk-free view of the potential impact on your business without affecting your base data

Predict and monitor your cash flow forecast your cash flow and easily predict your future financial status.
Regular forecasting is essential for profitability and solvency in any business. Sage 50 Forecasting makes your forecasting process simple, and allowing you to predict the impact of critical business decisions and make them complete in confidence. Sage 50 Forecasting can be integrated with the Sage 50 Accounts, double-entry data system and the pre-installed formulae giving you combined figures you can trust. It lets you:

Create accurate reports with figures you can trust

No more will you need to set up your own spreadsheets, simply use the pre-installed formulae provided. You can also re-forecast based on actual results while still leaving your original budgets or base data intact, allowing you to track progress and identify opportunities for the growth of your business.

Predict and monitor your cash flow

Forecasting your cash flow, enables you to quickly and easily predict your future financial status. This then allows you to capitalise on the upcoming situation or take preventative action well in advance.

See the impact of potential business decisions

You can experiment with different ‘What if?’ scenarios, without affecting your base data. So you can see how various decisions like price rises, new ventures and expansion will impact on your business.

Save hours creating professional reports

Because data can be taken directly from your Sage 50 Accounts or Microsoft® Excel, you’ll save yourself hours of data re-entry. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility of entering your own data if you choose.
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